Brühl turns up the heat on bike drying
An essential addition to any workshop in winter, the Brühl MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer can dry a bike, scooter and even a helmet, in minutes.

Whether you're riding through the colder, wetter months or storing your bike until spring returns, it's crucial to keep it dry, otherwise corrosion will set in and electrics and other components could become temperamental or fail altogether. 

With a flick of a switch, the Brühl MD1900+ blows warm air, heated with a 500W element, at up to 80 metres-a-second, drying a washed or rain-soaked machine without the hard work of a chamois or cloth. 

Bruhl Dryer

The blast of air is much more effective at getting moisture out of unreachable areas, like electrical switches, under bodywork and around the engine, suspension and brakes - particularly important if the bike will be stored in a garage or under a cover. 

It also reduces unsightly water-spotting and corrosion on paint and brightwork and, since there's no need to touch the bike, the risk of scratches and damage is also removed. The Brühl filters the air it takes in, so it’s debris-free when it comes out too. 

Also ideal for helmets, the Brühl will blow rain out of vents and visor mechanisms, and can dry out the interior, which is important, because perspiration can degrade the protective EPS liner over time.

Developed with motorcyclists in mind, the MD1900+ has a powerful 1600W turbine for fast, efficient drying, toughened build quality and is fitted with a built-in RCD to prevent electric shocks. The flexible hose can be extended from 1.5 to 3.5 meters and enables the user to aim air in just about any direction, without having to move the unit. 

Interchangeable nozzle attachments allow either a fast and concentrated blast to target specific areas, or a more general flow for overall drying, and the heater can be switched off during warmer months, when hot air is not required. 

Bruhl Dryer 1900+

The Brühl MD1900+ retails at £135 (Including VAT), is covered by a two-year warranty, with full customer support.from this UK-based brand  

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