Power boost for Brühl Bike Dryer

Now boasting a 1600W turbine - uprated from 1400W - the Brühl MD1400 delivers ultra-fast drying, taking the hard work out of your winter bike care routine, helping to reduce corrosion and potential electrical problems. 

It blasts out air at up to 80 metres-a-second, drying a washed or rain-soaked machine without the hard work of a chamois or cloth. It’s also much more effective at getting moisture out of unreachable areas, like electrical switches, under bodywork and around the engine, suspension and brakes. 

Thorough drying reduces water-spotting and corrosion on paint and brightwork, plus there's no need to touch the bike, so the risk of scratches and scuffing is also removed; the Brühl filters the air it takes in, so it’s debris-free when it comes out too. 

Interchangeable nozzles allow either a fast and concentrated blast to target specific areas, or a more general flow for overall drying. The flexible hose extends from 1.5 to 3.5 metres, allowing air to be be aimed in just about any direction, without having to move the unit. 

Built for regular use, it has a toughened casing and an extra long heavy duty power lead with a built-in RCD to prevent electric shocks. 

The Brühl MD1400 and is covered by a two-year warranty, with full customer support in the UK.  

Visit bruhl.co.uk to view prices and the complete range of dryers