Ventura luggage for Tiger Sport 660

Light and sleek, secure and stable, Ventura luggage is an inexpensive alternative to bulky, heavy hard luggage systems for Triumph's exciting new middleweight adventure-sport bike.

Ventura’s Evo System is made up of just three elements:

  1. Discreet L-Brackets - tailor made for the make and model of motorcycle, so they attach neatly to existing mounts;
  2. An Evo Rack - offering a stable and secure platform for the luggage;
  3. The Evo Pack - which simply slides on and clips in place.

When luggage isn’t needed, the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-brackets in place, with an option to replace the Rack with a Grab Handle.

Packs come in various sizes, each made from water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric, with wide openings for quick and easy access to contents and aerodynamic shaping to cheat the wind;

  1. handy 12-litre Evo-12 Jet-Stream (£79-)
  2. versatile 22-litre Evo-22 Jet-Stream (£130-)
  3. massive 60-litre Evo-60 Jet Stream (£199-)

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options visit